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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The best movies of 2010

I really enjoyed the year 2010 a lot when it comes to movies.
So I decided that I should make a list of the best movies of 2010.
Sadly I haven't seen 'em all which mean I might've missed one. I'm still trying to catch up with all the great movies of 2010.

Number #1 - Inception  4 Oscars won
Inception is definitely the best movie of 2010. (In my opinion)
People think this movie is overrated but I really don't.
Inception is fantastic with the soundtrack, the actors and everything.
People find this movie hard to understand, but I really think that movies nowadays are more ''Less Comeplex'' which makes the viewers to pay less attention to the movie and really be ''Laid back''
Also Props to Hans zimmer for best soundtrack ever.
Favorite character in Inception: Cobb. 
Number #2 - The fighter  2 Oscars won
The fighter is a really good movie.
I loved all of it, Christian Bale played his role perfect as a supporting actor and Mark Wahlberg was doing his job perfect.
I found this movie on IMDB at first when the trailer just released and it really caught me.
The trailer was really good (Props to whoever made it)
Well to the actual movie it was splendid.

Favorite character in the fighter: Micky Ward.


Number #3 - The social network  3 Oscars won

The social network is a fantastic movie, the actors were amazing.
I know a lot of people think this movie is pretty boring and ''Too much talk'' but I don't so. Jesse was playing his role perfect!
I'm pretty disappointed The social network took the Oscar for best soundtrack when Inception really deserved it.

Favorite character in The social network: Eduardo

#4  Shutter Island
#5  127 Hours

Remember that these are only my opinions and that I might've missed a very good movie.
I know I haven't seen ''The kings speech'' which is probably a very good movie.
Same with ''Black swan''


  1. i really liked shutter island and inception!

  2. I didn't like Inception, I was disappointed

  3. The fighter most certainly was the best one out of the whole bunch. Great reviews, keep em coming!

  4. It's between Black Swan and Inception for me, followed by Social Network. Also, King's Speech was not that good.

  5. II agree with Woodlouse, I was really disappointed with inception. I had the feeling it was talking down to me: the movie wasn't that difficult to understand yet they kept reiterating simple concepts and I just thought that was really condescending.

  6. When it comes down to it's population ask yourself if it's the kind of movie you'd like even if those small cons weren't there.

  7. Hmm kind of disappointed to be honest. You went very mainstream in your list and missed a ton of great movies. Oh well, thanks for sharing anyway!

  8. I love Inception. Still slightly interested in the Social Network

  9. I'd have to agree with your pics. Great films all around.

  10. Can not watch inception enough. Get the iphone app if you have one.

  11. Wow... I need to see more movies I guess.

  12. I found myself wanting to like Inception more than I ended up actually liking it.

  13. Loved Inception. None of the others really interested me so I didn't bother seeing them.

  14. I have never seen "social network"
    perhaps theres a dvd. it sounds really

  15. Inception is on of my favorite movies of all time. Social Network took a little while to sink after I watched it for me to appreciate. i haven't seen any of those other ones

  16. the social network was very good. but i didn't like inception that much